It's quite simple; I'm a student, a procrastination baker, a cosmetic hoarder, Studio Ghibli lover and green tea obsessed. Drawing/writing are my pastime, Asian dramas are the extent of my love life, books are my escape from the real world and sleeping in is my guilty pleasure...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Itching to ask me a question?

Hello friends *waves* 

I often find myself thinking about many things during my daily activities. "Am I doing this right?" , "What am I doing this for?" , "What am I going to eat for dinner?". 

if you have any Korean cosmetic products you would like me to try, any questions about my reviews or any questions in general, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU *cough cough* excuse the caps, I am genuinely excited. 

Sometimes I wish that there was a never ending supply of advice and answers, if you find yourself lost and you just can't seem to find advice or answers, or if you have anything about me that you would like to know please feel free to post a comment down below! 

If I do not get back to you within 48hrs I apologise *bows* The only explanation for that would be that I am currently swimming in very important assignments or baking. However I promise that I will try my best to get back to each and every one of all your questions! 

Like always thank you for reading this far, I appreciate every comment! 

For now, 
안녕, さようなら, 再见 ~

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