It's quite simple; I'm a student, a procrastination baker, a cosmetic hoarder, Studio Ghibli lover and green tea obsessed. Drawing/writing are my pastime, Asian dramas are the extent of my love life, books are my escape from the real world and sleeping in is my guilty pleasure...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Korean Beauty Memebox Review : Special #7 Milk Box Unboxing

Hi all my beautiful friends!

I know, it has been a LONGGGG time since my last post. I have just been caught up in my Korean/TW drama world lately (there are so many new dramas that I have been trying to catch up on). I'm currently watching and have finished: Spy, Pleasantly surprised, It's okay, its love, Pinocchio and many more. These dramas are super exciting and I'm so happy I started and finished Pinocchio, although the ending was a tad bit dissappointing. T-T

Blabber aside, today I have for you an unboxing of a Memebox. In case you didn't know or are unsure as to what a "Memebox" is, here is the sites explanation:

"Memebox is the number one Korean beauty online retailer in the world. 
Born in Seoul, we moved our headquarters to San Francisco to fulfill our visions of building a global portal to Korean beauty trends through technology. "
So what is Memebox you ask?

  • Memebox is almost like a beauty subscription service without the subscription part. Confused? Allow me to explain, Memebox is NOT a subscription service, you have the choice of buyiing each box as it comes out. So there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program, all you have to do is sign in to your account and purchase the boxes of your choice. (NOTE: from my experience, memebox sells out super fast)
  • Meme packs several beauty boxes each with secret items unknown to the public. Some boxes come with themes or spoilers that allow you to get an idea of what items the box may contain. Each box comes with 4-8 deluxe samples or full size item, straight from Korea!
  • The cost of each box vary depending on what type of box you purchase (ie. Memebox, Superbox, Limited Box, Lucky box etc) Shipping is an extra $6.99 AUD per box, however some "value deals" are available for cheaper shipping and free upgrades to express shipping!
Memebox offers many different types of boxes on their site and being a birdbrain, I too, understand your feelings of confusion. BUT DON'T FEAR, I'm here for you, so here is a breakdown:

Memebox Global Edition
This is the original Memebox and are numbered on the website (#1- #17 at time of this post). This includes a wide range of both deluxe samples and/or full size korean products.

Super Box
This box just includes full size products that are under certain themes

Lucky Box

A box full of products that were featured in their previous Memeboxes

Limited Edition Boxes
Memebox often comes out with special brand-specific boxes or specially themes boxes. This usually are the first to sell out as they are super popular! I recently got my "Cutiepie Marzia box" after many visits to their site waiting patiently in hope that they restock this box.

All this is almost overwhelming but so much fun once you grasp the concept (and if your wallet can afford it *sobs*) Here is my review of the "Milk Box":

The "Milk Box" contains 7 full sized products.

Here are my reviews of each individual item. Let me know in the comments if you like the layout of the review in the pictures or not (and also if you like the pictures, I took them myself *whips out my super photography skills* ahah )

So without further ado here we go~

Overall the total value of this box comes to $91 USD which means that for the price of $23+$6.99(shipping), I saved a total of $61.01 USD !!!! I loved every single one of these items and for the price I paid to get them was unbelievable!

 Although some items are too expensive for my personal taste to repurchase, I loved the quality and range that was given in this box. All the products were super gentle and great for my sensitive + dry skin.

Well that is all I have on this box, I shall be hopefully updating soon with more Korean products and items that I have purchased.
( I really buy too much, and need to find a way to control myself heheh)

I wish Baekhyun could come in and buy everything with his money ahahha

Okay enough of that, I shall see you guys next time ~

Monday, August 25, 2014

NEWS: ETUDE HOUSE Launches Princess Happy Ending Collection (Snow white+ Jasmine+ Cinderella+ Belle)

Hello Friends~ *frantically waves* 

In case you haven't already heard, one of my all time favourite Korean cosmetic brands "Etude House" has launched their new collection: Princess Happy Ending. This new collection celebrates all things to do with Disney princesses, with the new super duper cute line inspired by princesses Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and of course, my all time favourite, Snow White! 

The line includes a new selection of nail polishes, a mascara, BB cream, blush and two lipsticks~

Super cute right? So here is a breakdown of the products:

1. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit

This is very much just a newly repackaged version of the famous "Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit", which is definitely one of their more popular BB creams to date, but how can you say no to this new repackaged "Snow White" inspired version? The bottle claims to give you "skin that is as white as snow", following in the theme of Snow White. Being bias as she is my favourite disney princess I have fallen in deep for this BB cream (despite already owning the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit) *sigh* This BB cream comes in 2 shades: N02 + W13 

2. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks (2 shades)

These lipsticks are inspired by Snow white and Belle. It comes in 2 shades: Apple red and Purple rose. These lipsticks claim to be "vivid moisturizing" and super pigmented.

3. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher

These two blushers are inspired by Belle. They come in two shades: Pink Rose and Coral Rose to add a hint of natural rosiness (or peachiness) to cheeks and face with a a silky, smooth textured blush formula!.There is 4.8g of product in it. With a super cute rose print shaped powder, how can you resist?

4. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow

These little pots of fairy dust are available in 3 shades and it contains 4.5g of product. The 3 shades are inspired by the one and only, Cinderella and have gained their namesakes of Pink Glass Slipper, Magic Pumpkin, and Evening Party to fit the theme of the film! These eye shadows claim to give eyes a hint of sparkling and have lasting creamy color~

5. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lash Perm Proof Shockara

This is simply a repackaged version of their lash perm proof shockcara mascara that now features a “Jasmine” inspired packaging! Claiming to be super waterproof and that it has a fantastic designed brush that will lengthen and add volume to your lashes.

6. Etude House Princess Happy Ending Nail Kit

Lastly is this four piece set in the new princess collection, consisting of 4 types of nail kits: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine. Each kit contains 2 nail polishes and stickers which match with their own individual character. So cute that for a nail polish hoarder like me, I can't resist!

So that wraps up this new line of Etude House goodies. The line ranges from around $9.- 15 the BB cream. This line is super cute and gorgeous that I plan on buying them all if my wallet will allow it~ *cries from being poor* (This is a life of a cosmetic obsessed uni student D; ) 
Tell me, What do you think of the collection? 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Itching to ask me a question?

Hello friends *waves* 

I often find myself thinking about many things during my daily activities. "Am I doing this right?" , "What am I doing this for?" , "What am I going to eat for dinner?". 

if you have any Korean cosmetic products you would like me to try, any questions about my reviews or any questions in general, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU *cough cough* excuse the caps, I am genuinely excited. 

Sometimes I wish that there was a never ending supply of advice and answers, if you find yourself lost and you just can't seem to find advice or answers, or if you have anything about me that you would like to know please feel free to post a comment down below! 

If I do not get back to you within 48hrs I apologise *bows* The only explanation for that would be that I am currently swimming in very important assignments or baking. However I promise that I will try my best to get back to each and every one of all your questions! 

Like always thank you for reading this far, I appreciate every comment! 

For now, 
안녕, さようなら, 再见 ~

Friday, June 6, 2014

I am Vi, and this is a little peak at me and my blog.

Hello hello, 

     Yes, yes you! Welcome to my blog~ Its quite simple, I am Vi and my blog, "inner vi", is the inner "me". My blog will be a reflection of the inner me, ranging from my obsession for collecting make-up (mostly Korean cosmetic lately), my latest drama addictions, book review, cooking updates and adventures. I will be, hopefully, trying to write more reviews on products and comparisons of  BB, CC creams and other random purchases. 
Vi's Capture: Monday blues

I'm sure I can't be the only one, but there are just certain words on beauty products that suck me into buying them, words that draw me in like a magnet are "green tea ( I love it too dearly in everything, cakes, drinks, beauty products... EVERYTHING) , milk (I'm not too sure why...anything dairy just gets to me), apples ( I am almost positive this has to do with my love for Snow White and anything fairytale to be honest) and Aloe Vera. 

I also plan to do short book reviews, as books are my getaway from, the sometimes harsh reality that is, my life. *sigh* It's sad to say but I used to read quite often, however with the busy schedule change in my life "starting university", I have found myself slowly drifting away from novels. *face palm* However, NOT FOR LONG.... I plan to read a lot more after my exams are done and dusted. That is a promise. 

Watching dramas seem to have taken over so much of my life (and watching YouTube)! I'm not sure, the romance and all those seemingly PERFECT HOT GUYS (haha, that never seem to exist in real life) *no shame* along with heart string pulling plots *cries*just make me want to watch it more and more~ I am known from being weak when it comes to these things, I usually don't cry in my everyday life, however whenever I see someone crying on screen, my tears start falling like a waterfall.

 I watch a lot of American/ Australian TV series and love watching Asian dramas, anything Korean, Taiwanese and from Hong Kong are my go to drama types. Romantic comedies are my favourite genres. So far the dramas I am currently watching are:
1. Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡·一個人(Taiwanese)
2. The pursuit of happiness 愛的生存之道(Taiwanese)
3. You're all surrounded (Korean)
4. Angel Eyes (Korean)
5. Fall in love with me 愛上兩個我 (Taiwanese) 

Vi's Drama capture: Fall in love with me 愛上兩個我

If any of you have any good drama suggestions for me, please put them down below ^^ Finding good dramas have been a struggle recently as I have seen so many, when I ask most people they tend to list ones that I have already watched *cries* drama addict problems. It saddens me ... ahah.

Along with this I will probably be posting some of my baking recipes. I enjoy baking and making cakes are my hobby. All things sweet are my guilty pleasures. If I could have my way, every meal would be desserts. *drools thinking about desserts* Drawing and painting are also my past time, I love "DIYing" my things and putting my own little twist to things. My love for fashion is nothing new, my wardrobe is exploding! If money wasn't a problem I would happily post haul upon haul of my fashion findings. My friends describe my style sense as quite unique. I also love thrifting, because you will never know what treasures you will find, which excites me. 

Not only do I love art/craft but I have a VERY BIG problem, I ...tend to collect a lot of items. My family has fears of me becoming a hoarder, ahah, but no, as of now I do collect many items but thankfully they are all little items and small enough to pack away where no one will see my collecting ways~ *runs away in shame* 

I am trying to expand my Studio Ghibli collection as of now, Totoro is just too adorable to say no to. 

Vi's D.I.Y : "Freshly caught soot balls"

I have a deep love for all things photography. Although I am yet to invest in a better camera, while I am stuck using this old, almost ancient one, I share with my mother dear now. The inner me is dying to upgrade to a better camera, however I have been dying to own a polaroid camera of my own for a long long time. Only time will tell what I decide to get, unless they invent a camera that can switch from instant camera to digital. That would be a dream come true....
Vi;s Captures: When Vi travelled to Point Nepean 

Living in Australia, there are so many beautiful places to explore and I can't wait to share my adventures with you all. 

If you have managed to read this far, thank you SO MUCH for putting up with my rambling, I tend to find myself writing more than I should! *bows down* ( This is already a shortened down version of all the things I have yet to tell you) There are so many more things to say/write and I can't wait to show and experience all these things with all you beautiful readers~ If there is anything you're curious about or want to let me know, feel free to leave a comment down below! 

I hope you enjoyed taking a little peak inside the inner me and learning more about me,Vi.
 Talk to you soon , Bye! 

All images property of innervi. Please do not use without permission.